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Hotels in Valparai

Are you ever planning to vacation in Valparai? Don't know, where to book the perfect rooms in Valparai? Cottages Valparai is the best tour operator which has good Valparai rooms that are surrounded by a vast mountain range of hills and deep forests. Our hotel rooms will give you the best experience from a balcony view. Our rooms are well furnished with very comfortable mattresses for a good night's sleep. Our hotel rooms are very spacious for tourists to stay. Our budget-friendly rooms will make tourists happy under their budget. Easy to explore as there are tourist attractions nearby. The beautiful views from the rooms make the tourists feel very happy. Tourists can sit and relax in the sit-out areas in our rooms and enjoy nature. Children will enjoy playing in the garden area and adults can sit and watch. Our Rooms in Valparaiso are located in the main part of Valparaiso. Our rooms are specially designed to attract tourists on their vacation. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing from our hotel room's terrace. The mountain views from the hotel rooms will feel special in the morning. Our rooms are well-equipped with electric kettle, wardrobe, sofa bed, etc...

Our rooms are well maintained for the convenience of the tourists. 24/7 room services are also available. Free Wi-fi facilities are an added advantage. Drying racks are also kept in our hotel rooms for the comfort of tourists. Our Valparai rooms are a suitable place to stay for tourists. Nature walks and horse riding are fun with friends and family. Sightseeing and lake views from these rooms will be so pleasant to watch. Valparai has a large number of hotel rooms, but Cottages Valparai rooms provide the best rooms with hospitality service for tourists. Tourists always enjoy our services and good feedback is also given by them, which makes us perform better.

Things To Do in Our Valparai Rooms

At Cottages Valparai, we conduct various adventurous and recreational activities for our stayers in Valparai. Such as,

  • Plantation walks
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Mountain Walk

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Boating
  • Nature Walk
  • Horse riding
  • Lake view.
  • Cycling.

  • Sightseeing
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor games.
  • Kids' play area.

Budget Hotels in Valparai

At Cottages Valparai, our budget-friendly rooms are also available to accommodate tourists from maximum budget to minimum budget. We have a couple of rooms, single rooms, and double rooms for the families to stay spaciously. Our Rooms rates may vary depending on budget and availability. The price ranges of 1000rs and above vary based on availability per night. Even the luxurious rooms come under the best price ranges. Our rooms never compromise on amenities for a budget price.

Rooms in Valparai for Couples

Our rooms in Valparai are mostly booked by couples for honeymoon trips. Our hotel rooms will make candlelight arrangements to enjoy their honeymoon. Tourist spot travel arrangements are also made based on request. Travel cabs and tour guide support are provided for the couples to travel comfortably.

Rooms in Valparai for family.

Our Valparai hotels have the best rooms to stay comfortably with the family. Our rooms are very spacious to stay comfortable with family and children. So, that children enjoy their vacations by seeing the mountain view from the balcony and terrace in Valparai. The children's play area is so spacious that even parents can sit and watch the play. There are also children's activities like games and other indoor and outdoor games. There are indoor sports activities for adults to play and enjoy with family and friends. In the rooms, we can sit on the balcony to relax and chat with the family members. The view from the rooms will give a pleasant feeling to your eyes and mind. Seeing the beauty of sunrise and sunset in the morning will make your vacation unforgettable. A nature walk will entertain you during your vacation time. Family stayers will enjoy seeing nature and walking through the greenery. Campfires at night are fun and enjoyable with family and a group of friends.

Facilities in Our hotel Room Valparai

Free Wi-Fi facilities will be provided to the tourists. Ample open and covered car parking is also available. Housekeeping services are also provided for the convenience of the residents. The wardrobe, chairs, and dining table are inside the rooms. High-quality cushioned beds are perfect for a good night's sleep in rooms. laundry services are also available. Private bathrooms and shower facilities are also available. Hair dryers are also provided to tourists. Additional benefits include a 24/7 doctor-on-call facility and Rome services. Support from reception regarding tourist trips. Travel arrangements and tour guide support will be provided upon request.


The room rates start from the basic price to the higher price. The base price starts from 1000rs and is more reasonable. Prices may vary based on availability and prices may change by date and location. Season-wise room availability will be updated on the website. We never charge additional charges on the cancellation of rooms. Budget-friendly rooms start from 1000 Rs per night. Our hotel rooms' price ranges from basic rooms to luxurious rooms depending on the budget.

Room Booking in Valparai

We have online booking facilities and rooms can be booked even offline. Our website will provide you with complete details about rooms and locations in Valparai. The price details of the rooms and pictures of the rooms are also attached. The design and furnishings of the rooms can be viewed on the website, which helps with better booking of the rooms. A complete overview of the rooms will be provided on the website for a better understanding of our hotel room facilities.