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Dormitory in Valparai

The dormitory is a set of people staying at Valparaiso to accommodate at the time and enjoy. If you are planning to stay at the Valparai dormitory, then this Cottage Ooty provides the best accommodation for your Valparai vacation. Our dormitory rooms are a great place to stay and enjoy with your friends at low-cost accommodation. Many family groups and corporate groups stay in Valparai and enjoy their vacations happily. The best part of this dormitory is the spacious space of rooms. It has the best-shared rooms in the category of rooms which are very spacious for sleeping at night. Our Valparai dormitory rooms have more amenities that make tourists stay comfortable on a very low budget. Numerous indoor and outdoor sports in our Valparai dormitory make tourists enjoy their vacation.

A lot of engagement activities may make you feel better. Our dorm rooms consist of Led TVs and furnishing items. We have normal dormitory rooms to luxurious dormitory rooms to stay comfortable on a very low budget. We also have free Wi-Fi and spacious car parking facilities. Our Dormitory has private bathrooms, showers, and hairdryers for the use of group tourists. The beds are so comfortable to stay in the night.

Accommodation Facilities in Our Dormitory Rooms At Valparai

  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Electric Kettle.
  • Kitchen with oven.
  • Room service.
  • Extra Beds
  • Extra Mattresses
  • Play area
  • Restroom

  • Restaurant
  • Doctor on call
  • Towels
  • Shared fridge
  • Porter and Bellyboy
  • ATM Services and Banking Facilities
  • Window Screens
  • Bedsheets
  • Blankets
  • Drapes and Blackout curtains

  • Guest rooms
  • Garden
  • Sit out area
  • Indoor games
  • Travel desk
  • Power backup
  • Hot and cold water facilities
  • Outdoor entertainment area
  • Wheelchair accessible parking
  • Free Self-parking
  • Free Breakfast
  • Room Heater
  • Barbecues Grill
  • And much more

Group Stay in Valparai

At Cottages Valparai, our dormitory in Valparai is an amazing option for group stayers who are looking for affordable accommodation. Our Valparai dormitories are highly useful for group tourists to enjoy their vacation relaxing, and comfortably. All our dormitory rooms in Valparai provide smooth check-in, and check-out, flexible policies, and friendly management. Most of the group stayers are well-impressed with our worthy amenities, and facilities such as room service, caretaker, free internet access, Air conditioner, in-house multi-cuisine restaurant, sanitizers, LED TV, parking facilities, swimming pool, ironing service, restrooms, travel desk, power backup, doctor on call, play area, fire extinguisher, and much more.

All our dorm rooms are closer to the waterfalls, mountains, and wildlife presence of Valparai. Group stayers will enjoy their holiday with the crippling birds, wild animals, and beautiful flowers of Valparai. Most of our group stayers have experienced great customer service from our hospitality staff, and management individuals.

Valparai Cheapest Dormitories

Cottages Valparai has plenty of dormitory rooms in Valparai at the lowest budget with modern facilities, and amenities. Our dorms have extra beds in every area of Valparai. Being a group tourist, if you are looking for an adventure-based and nature-based dormitory in Valparai, then please find our Valparai dormitories. All our dormitories rooms are constructed in the traditional as well as modern way. Group stayers will surely love the ancient forest atmosphere conveniently. Our dormitories in Valparai have spacious with all the facilities with individual beds, separate beds, washrooms, extra beds, and coffee kettles. We provide the best room service for our group of tourists. Up to 10 to 20 group stayers can stay in our Valparai conveniently. Don't have to adjust. In all our Valparai dormitory rooms, group stayers can view the outside greenery and hill stations. We offer excellent power backup in case of a power outage. Group stayers can make use of the hot and cold water for drinking and bathing purposes.

We will satisfy every type of group stayer with our inexpensive dormitories in Valparai. Our group stayers will enjoy the late-night binges, movie marathons, and house parties in our Valparai dormitories. Living together and sharing the same dormitories rooms with your colleagues, and friends will change the usual night into the most memorable stay. Our Valparai dormitories come with beds, pillows, cots, mobile charging points, clean restrooms, and neat bathrooms.

All our group stayers in Valparai are families, friends, and corporate. Staying as a group in Valparai and enjoying the holiday is a great experience. Our Valparai dormitory provides excellent packages to group stayers. This package comes with a campfire, safari, food, and accommodation. We have a group tour package that is a great option for small-group stayers and large-group stayers. Group stayers can share a single room with more cots in our dormitories in Valparai. Cottages Valparai is the favorite choice among corporate group stayers, and friend group stayers for several years.

Our Valparai dormitory rooms price starts from Rs: 600 per person for one day stay. Group tourists can make use of the free internet and free breakfast for the most convenient accommodation in Valparai. Cottages Valparai is the best tour operator in Valparai and offers affordable prices. It is important to keep in mind that our dormitories rooms in Valparai price may differ based on the locality, season, and date. It is essential to book the Valparai dorm room in advance with us. Otherwise, you will be missed out. Depending on the group stayers' requirements and interests, Cottages Valparai has various kinds of dormitories in Valparai. Group stayers can select to stay in the dormitory based on their location preference, and budget. Most of our Valparai dormitories are built around the forest regions and hill stations of Valparai. Therefore, our group of tourists will enjoy the beautiful nature view thoroughly. Group stayers can also extend their accommodation duration.

Online Dormitory Rooms Booking in Valparai

At Cottages Valparai, group stayers can book dormitory rooms easily. After booking, we will share the confirmation over Whatsapp, and email. We also provide cancellation facilities for our group stayers. We won't take any extra fees from the group stayers for the dormitory booking in Valparai.
We mention our mobile number before reaching Valparai. Kindly, visit our official website to know about the booking, availability, and other details. To resolve your queries or support, it is important to call us during working business hours over at +91 7200464999.
Don't miss this amazing opportunity to have the most unforgettable and economical group accommodation in Valparai.