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Resorts in Valparai

Why do Tourists Choose Our Resorts in Valpari as our favorite destination?

Valparai is a fantastic hill spot full of wide forests and sprawling green mountains. The Cottages Valparai is surrounded by beautiful gardens, a verdant garden of tea plantations. Our Cottages Valparai Resorts are a great place to stay with family and friends. Our Cottages Valparai Resorts are fully surrounded by beautiful locations and spacious rooms to enjoy your stay with your loved ones. High-level comfort rooms and very spacious rooms make people stay. Our Cottage Ooty Resorts have simple and luxurious rooms based on budget. Cottages Valparai stands majestically with green strewn hills and beautiful forests all around so tourists can enjoy the view from the balcony and terrace. Guest rooms at the resort are equipped with air conditioning, a seating area, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a safety deposit box, and a private bathroom with a shower, free toiletries, and a hairdryer. A buffet and continental breakfast can be enjoyed at the resort hotel. At our resort, you will find a restaurant serving Chinese, Indian, and Grill BBQ cuisines. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are also provided.

Free wifi and car parking facilities also make tourists safe and secure to stay. The open sit-out area showcases the beauty of Valparai to another level. Children will enjoy places with more activities that engage them. Cycling and nature walks are the main highlights of Valparai resorts. Tourist attractions are nearby places to visit and enjoy. The beauty of Valparai can be seen very easily from our resort which is pleasing to the eyes.

Budget-friendly Resorts in Valparai with Swimming Pool

Cottages Valparai offers budget-friendly resorts in Valparai with an infinity swimming pool. Stayers can prefer our Valparai Resorts for the luxurious, well-furnished, and well-equipped rooms to make unforgettable accommodations for the stayers. Because of the extreme famous of this tourist location, Cottages Valparai has several numbers of incredible Valparai resorts which stayers can select from, based on their budget and preferences.
Nearly, all of our Valparai resorts offer the conveniences and latest facilities which cover free internet access, in-house restaurant, local tours, and room service. So that stayers will enjoy their holiday in our Valparai resorts. Tourists can prefer luxury, and extravagant Valparai resorts such as royal services, and traditional tropical interiors.
We also have private resorts which give extreme peace and privacy to the stayers in Valparai. Stayers will enjoy the stunning Valparai views. Moreover, the tourists will enjoy the most comfortable stay along with the facilities, and activities. Moreover, stayers will avail of all the services in our Valparai resorts such as private balconies, in-room bars, restaurants, sit-out areas, restrooms, yoga lefts, gyms, outdoor swimming pools, and complimentary breakfast.

Resorts in Valparai for Couples

Valparai is the most romantic tourist destination for newly married couples all around the world. Cottage Ooty is the ideal place for a couple of tourists. We provide a romantic environment, and privacy for couples to spend their honeymoon in Valparai. A couple of tourists surely have an amazing choice with our couple-friendly resorts in Valparai.

Resorts in Valparai for Family

At Cottages Valparai, we have plenty of family-friendly resorts in Valparai. Our family resorts offer incredible natural surroundings and warm hospitality which give the stayers a more heavenly experience. We also provide essential amenities and facilities for our family tourists. For our family stayers, we have a special chef who will prepare the food based on the stayer's interest. Moreover, they can also order from the menu card. All our food is available at the lowest price and is delicious. We also offer car wash services, ironing, laundry, and basic internet facilities in our resort rooms. We also have non-smoking rooms and non-alcoholic rooms in our Valparai resorts. We have the budget, average, and premium resort rooms for family stayers in Valparai. Cottages Valparai has luxurious resorts at Valparai which are suitable for children and families. Most of the family stayers will enjoy the most comfortable, and exclusive vacation at the Valparai.

Activities in Resort Valparai

At our Valparai resorts, we also organize adventures and forest trekking as well as campfires and recreational activities for the stayers. We indulge tourists in sightseeing, bird watching, exploring the mountains, and more. Outside of BBQs and campfires, tourists are more than happy to enjoy their vacations in our Valparai resorts.

Facilities in Resort Valpari.

At our resort, the rooms are spacious and well-furnished, making the tourists comfortable. Our room services are also provided for the convenience of tourists. Free car parking facilities are also available.
A spacious children's play area and outdoor seating area for fun-filled activities are added benefits of our Valparai resort.


Prices of Valparai resorts start from the lowest range to the highest range based on budgets. Prices may vary depending on the seasonal time, availability, location, and dates. We never charge any additional fees for cancellations. We only focus on budget-friendly price rooms for our tourists. We only provide the best and most highly comfortable resort rooms from a minimum budget for the comfort of stayers in Valparai. The budget of our Valparai resort rooms starts from 1000 rupees per night to 15,000 rupees per night, our resort rooms in Valparai can be decided based on the budget of the stayers.

Online Valparai Resort Booking Services

Our resorts in Valpari have both online and offline booking processes. Our official websites provide complete information about the prices and modern facilities along with a complete overview of our resorts. The photos can be seen on the official website to give a good feeling about our Valparai resorts to stay. Our rooms in this budget resort will make you feel good.
Don't miss this nice opportunity, Just Book Your Resort Stay with Us, and Have a Happy Vacation in Valparai.